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White paper: A guide to a guaranteed damage-free move

Ensuring seamless relocations with Voerman A smooth and damage-free move is the hallmark of a successful relocation. For global mobility managers and relocation specialists, ensuring a seamless transition for their transferees is not just a goal but a commitment. In this guide, Voerman underscores its role as your partner for a damage-free move. By outlining key strategies and considerations to minimize the risk of damage during the relocation process.

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International talent in office

Globalization of India: Impact on Cross-Border Talent Mobility

On July 11th, 2024, Voerman Group will host an event to share experiences and to hear from experts on how the Indian cross-border talent can be set up for success in their international careers. Sign up to receive all highlights and valuable lessons after the event!

Seconding staff from India Voerman

Unlocking opportunities: seconding staff from India to the Netherlands

India is currently experiencing an unparalleled period of growth, emerging as a formidable economic and talent powerhouse on the global platform. With the title of the world's fastest-growing economy, India garners significant attention, fostering a surge in talent exchange never witnessed before. As the spotlight shines brightly on India, its companies are increasingly expanding internationally, diversifying their business operations across various sectors such as FMCG, industrials, and logistics.

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White paper: A guide to moving employees internationally

A roadmap to streamline the international move process Moving employees internationally is a multifaceted challenge, encompassing paperwork, visas, and logistical intricacies like housing and transportation. In this whitepaper, we explore the intricacies of international employee mobility, unraveling challenges and providing actionable insights for HR professionals. By emphasizing the intersection of employee satisfaction, company success, and cost-effectiveness, we illuminate the path toward a more efficient global talent management strategy.