Globalization of India: Impact on Cross-Border Talent Mobility

On July 11th, 2024, Voerman Group will host an event to share experiences and to hear from experts on how the Indian cross-border talent can be set up for success in their international careers. Sign up to receive all highlights and valuable lessons after the event!

The growth of India makes the country increasingly attractive for collaboration. With knowledge on the rise, there are more and more talents from India who can elevate your organization to a new level. During our event on July 11th, together with NICTT (Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade) and Aon Consulting, we will explain how to seamlessly integrate these talents into Dutch society.

The upcoming years will showcase India as the next superpower, fueled by its intrinsic growth and the high quality of talent available in the country. This talent is not only limited to its borders, but it is truly global in nature spanning all sectors and industries, not just tech as tradition dictated. In the last months and couple of years, the bilateral agreements between the Netherlands and India have only further enhanced the opportunities of talent exchange between the two countries, highlighting the growth potential in the coming period.

Challenges when dealing with Indian talent

One of the unique challenges for employers dealing with Indian talent mobility is to ensure that their talent journey is seamless, with a smooth and soft landing for the individuals, their families, and the management of the different aspects of the mobility business. Relocation support (movement of household/personal goods, destination and settling down services); compliance support (tax, immigration, social security, 30% tax rulings); health, wellbeing, and education support (insurances, travel support; access to local facilities; partner support; education assistance for children, language, and cultural orientation support) and finally talent management (employee expectations, growth and development, career opportunities).

We believe that an event focusing on a unique target group, will provide participating companies with a great opportunity to share experiences and to listen from experts on how the Indian cross-border talent can be set up for success in their international careers.

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During the event, multiple speakers will cover themes like recent developments in global mobility, impact on cross-border talent, common challenges for inbound Indian employees and much more. The event is by invitation only, but we are happy to share all the highlights and valuable lessons afterwards with you. If you want to receive this information, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will keep you updated on all topics related to Indian global mobility.

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