Voerman joins the ecolegIt Program - focusing on a sustainable relocation

With green in the logo, Voerman International embraces sustainability. Voerman is proud to announce their collaboration with the ecolegIT Program, offering a tangible product for a fully sustainable relocation.

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We take care of everything when you move. Even the things you didn’t think of.

Moving to another country is like beginning a totally new chapter in your life. It can be exciting but also a time full of uncertainties, concerns, and a thousand and one questions. We understand your feelings as we’ve been there ourselves and have helped thousands of people with the process.

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    Founded in 1986, our major objective has been to take a different approach that provides a closer focus on the needs of the international expatriate. Every move is different, which is why our experience and attention to personal care will help to ensure a great experience for our clients.

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    Client satisfaction

    Our flexibility as an organization and our entrepreneurial mindset has led to successfully moving thousands of expats since 1986. We take pride in the international corporate clients who choose our services year in and year out and always work hard to increase client satisfaction.

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    Challenge the status quo

    We challenge ourselves to add value to the moving experience of our clients on a daily basis. We constantly look to the future and one of our goals is to play a leading role in innovating the global mobility industry. Enhancing the client experience is at the heart of our innovation program.

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Move management reinvented

The way people relocate around the world is always changing. We offer smart and innovative solutions to make it easier than ever to organize a move. We are leading the way forward with fully connected platforms for all parties involved.

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