Digitizing your move process

In a world where time is precious, you want to spend as little time as possible on the administration surrounding a relocation. We use the Move4U technology to digitize the move process and make it more efficient for corporates and transferees. Packing inventories, self surveys, photo surveys, video surveys, pre-move surveys, claims reports and a dashboard for data insights and status control.

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Efficiency through digitization

The Move4U tools enable us to make all steps of the move process simpler, more efficient and more sustainable. Tools like video surveys and mobile apps empower transferees to effortlessly list their inventory, streamlining the entire moving process from start to finish. This not only reduces paperwork and administrative burdens but also minimizes the need for physical visits, providing extra flexibility for transferees.

Additionally, these digital opportunities also align with a greener and more sustainable future. At Voerman Group, we are committed to harnessing technology to enhance the relocation experience while actively contributing to a sustainable world. Digital moving tools not only benefit our clients and their transferees but also reflect our dedication to responsible and forward-thinking solutions in the field of international relocations.