Unlocking opportunities: seconding staff from India to the Netherlands

India is currently experiencing an unparalleled period of growth, emerging as a formidable economic and talent powerhouse on the global platform. With the title of the world's fastest-growing economy, India garners significant attention, fostering a surge in talent exchange never witnessed before. As the spotlight shines brightly on India, its companies are increasingly expanding internationally, diversifying their business operations across various sectors such as FMCG, industrials, and logistics.


This phenomenon presents an immense opportunity for talent exchange across different industries and hierarchical levels, transcending the confines of the traditional technology domain. From skilled professionals to seasoned executives, the exchange of expertise is poised to reshape the landscape of global business dynamics, with India playing a pivotal role at its epicenter.

Global Mobility from India to the Netherlands: get to know more

To delve deeper into this transformative shift, we are organizing an event on July 11th, together with AON Consulting and NICCT (Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade). Through insightful presentations and discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into the internationalization of Indian companies and its implications for talent mobility. From recent developments in Global Mobility to common challenges faced by inbound Indian employees, our program covers a spectrum of topics essential for businesses seeking to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Expect engaging sessions on relocation, tax filing, financial management, cultural assimilation, family support, and professional development, providing attendees with practical strategies and solutions to streamline the process of bringing talent from India to the Netherlands.

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