White paper: A Worldwide Welcome to your transferees

A guide to enhance employee experience during international relocations

In today’s ever-connected world, the movement of talent across borders has become an integral part of the corporate landscape. International relocations are no longer the exception but the norm, as companies expand their global footprint and seek the best talent worldwide. As a result, the successful management of international relocations has taken on new significance.


At Voerman, we understand the pivotal role that relocations play in the globalized workforce. We have been at the forefront of facilitating smooth and seamless international relocations for countless individuals and families. Our guiding principle, embodied in our slogan “A Worldwide Welcome,” encapsulates our commitment to ensuring that every transferee’s transition to a new destination is met with warmth, support, and efficiency.

This white paper is a comprehensive guide for HR professionals, global mobility managers, and corporate leaders who recognize the importance of prioritizing the well-being of their employees during relocations. We delve into the various dimensions of international relocations, offering insights, strategies, and practical advice to help create a world-class relocation experience.

In this free white paper you'll read more about:

  • The key challenges during a relocation for both employers and employees
  • A step by step roadmap to guide you through a relocation
  • Insights, strategies, and best practices to enhance the employee experience during international relocations
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