Voerman Foundation

Creating meaningful and sustainable communities. We commit ourselves every day to take care of our people, planet and direct surroundings. We support social projects and charities where we donate our time and attention to contribute in a positive way. We are also very conscious about our use of resources, including with selecting the cars we drive and the packing material we use.

We have chosen kids as a central theme for the coming period. Children are the future and hold the key to prosperity in the long term. We raise money and donate time to fund projects and improve the lives of children.

Only Friends

Only Friends

Only Friends Amsterdam is a sports club developed for children with a physical or mental disability or chronic illness. Only Friends has created a wide range of different sports for these young people to choose from. Leadership is always based on the needs of these young athletes and how they experience practicing the sport.

At the moment, Only Friends has approximately 600 members who take part in the sports programs with great pleasure and pride.

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Hockey dreams africa

Hockey Dreams Foundation

Hockey Dreams Foundation contributes to the development of children, especially in the African countries of Malawi, Uganda and Zambia throughout hockey sports. In these countries the Hockey Dreams Foundation trains children to become hockey coaches, so that they stay away ‘from the streets’ and get a chance on education and a job. These hockey coaches organize hockey trainings and hockey camps in these countries and also train new hockey coaches. The children who participate in the hockey trainings and camps come into contact with sports and get the opportunity to learn, play and create friendships.

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