Move management and coordination

Enhance your co-worker experience with the Reedge Assignee Portal, our cloud-based move management solution. No more paperwork and all data in one place. Offer a relocation progress timeline in realtime, communicate quickly via instant messaging, safely share documents within the portal and receive insightful reports.

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Manage your employees’ moves

The Reedge Assignee Portal is a game-changer, providing your transferees with a comprehensive overview of their move. From tracking progress to engaging in live chat conversations and sharing essential documents, this portal ensures transparent and real-time communication.

Stay connected with your transferees like never before, and say goodbye to email reminders and missed calls. The platform gathers all relevant information, like personal details and move details, in one place. By using Reedge, move management becomes not just efficient but also a source of enhanced employee satisfaction. It's a testament to our commitment at Voerman Group to embrace innovative solutions that elevate the relocation experience for all.