At Voerman, we take pride in our diverse and vibrant team of professionals who define who we are. With over ten different nationalities represented amongst our team, we bring together a wealth of cultures, perspectives, and personal experiences to provide the best possible support for our clients and their employees during international relocations.

Our team of over 300 members is spread across all continents, but all Voerman employees have at least one thing in common: we are passionate about our work.


Meet our team

Our team at Voerman is a group of talents from across the globe, working together to create an exceptional relocation experience and provide A Worldwide Welcome to every transferee. As an employer, we encourage enthusiasm, for example by helping you discover what you like and what you are good at. We also count on your own initiative and responsibility. Anyone who wants to, can learn a lot and grow at Voerman. We offer various personal development programs and training courses, and we are open to everyone’s ideas.


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The 9 building blocks
of Voerman

The values we share and the way we interact with each other and with our valued customers and partners to ensure employee and customer wellbeing.



Voerman Hostmanship

Every interaction with Voerman is a personal one. Both among ourselves and with the outside world. We are distinguished worldwide by our hospitality and courtesy. Voerman offers everyone A Worldwide Welcome.


The right people in the right place

Voerman Right people

To work at Voerman is more than just a job. You are an indispensable part of the whole. This is why we want everyone to be in the best possible place within our company. Because when we are all enthusiastic and well placed, we perform optimally.



Voerman Family 3

We want to work in a safe environment where everyone feels part of the ‘us’. Therefore, share expectations with each other and hold each other accountable. Keep your word. Do not act at the expense of others, but be willing to support others. Always go for the best solution, even if it’s not yours.



Voerman Humanity

Everybody is different. We are all aware of this and we take it into account. We offer extra challenges to those who want to grow, and we offer confidence to those who are insecure. We treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves.


Self awareness

Voerman Self awareness

We know what we can and what we cannot do. We are open to feedback and we approach each other positively and with respect. What we do matters. This is why we take our responsibility and are proactive and constructive.



Voerman Expertise

At Voerman we are competent and we know our business. We utilize each other’s strengths and keep ourselves sharp by continuing to learn and to draw inspiration around us.



Voerman Innovation

We dare to innovate and are open to change. Whether it concerns new services, the development and deployment of technology, the improvement of processes and the organization, or our own behavior. We move forward.



Voerman Perseverance

At Voerman we don’t just give up in the face of setbacks. We work disciplined to make our company better every day. Step-by-step. We help each other grow in our role so that we enjoy working together.


Playing Champions League

Voerman Playing champions league

Voerman structurally wants to play at the highest level. We do not strive for low costs and quick profit, but we invest in ourselves and our relationships with customers and partners. As an organization we always want to perform optimally for ourselves and our customers.

at Voerman

We welcome individuals who share our passion for offering A Worldwide Welcome to clients and their employees during international relocations. Working at Voerman is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a global family. We encourage and facilitate continuous learning and growth because we are committed to excellence. That means we provide numerous opportunities for professional development and advancement within our organization.

Voerman stands for sustainable employment. That means we provide a healthy working environment and are always looking for new incentives to keep our work challenging. We invest in ourselves and in our relationships with customers and partners. That results in the best personal support for our clients.

Explore our current job openings and become part of the Voerman family today. Your journey with us begins here.

Voerman Humanity


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We create a custom logistic solution to accommodate your needs.


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