Bolster Insurance

Bolster Insurance provides expats a carefree relocation experience by preventing them from being underinsured. Protect your transferees, every step of their move. Make sure they are insured the right way and don’t have to worry about refunds. All in a fully digital and personalized user experience.

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The best insurance for your employees

The safety and security of personal belongings are of paramount importance during an international relocation. After all, settling in a new home in a new country is a lot easier with your own personal belongings and favorite furniture. That’s why we at Voerman understand the importance of safeguarding employee’s cherished possessions and providing them with peace of mind throughout the move.

We work closely with our partner Bolster Insurance to tailor coverage that suits the unique need of every relocation. From protecting valuable art collections to safeguarding everyday household items, our goal is to ensure that personal belongings arrive at their destination intact and unharmed. By offering reliable insurance options, we help employees mitigate potential risks and navigate the complex logistics of international moves with confidence.

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Protect your transferees during every step of the move

The Bolster Insurance platform is completely digital and offers the possibility to monitor performance and claims in one central place. Employees can declare their household effects themselves, so that you can always be sure that the right cover can be offered. Thanks to Bolster Insurance, you can be assured that your employees are well protected and you have nothing to worry about.