Complex logistics and installation

In the world of complex logistics and installation, precision and expertise are non-negotiable. That is why we strive to deliver a logistic masterpiece to our clients. At Voerman, we thrive on challenges. Your logistic difficulty is our motivation to excel.
Complex logistics

For challenges of all kinds and magnitudes

Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully executed a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from grand-scale installations for hotels, high-end residences, and corporate offices to smaller, yet equally demanding, tasks for interior designers, retailers, restaurants, and IT-hardware suppliers. We cater to the most discerning needs, ensuring that every project is a masterpiece in its own right.

Customized logistics

Logistic excellence in tailored solutions

We do more than just transport your goods or inventory from A to B. Logistics is not about an individual supply chain component, but about a seamless integration of the entire process. That’s why we create logistical masterpieces through seven essential steps, including warehousing, customs formalities, and insurances. We can even support you with a complete white glove installation by our experts on location.

Our trusted Complex logistics and installation label

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A Logistic Masterpiece. That is what we stand for. We offer a variety of complex logistical and installation solutions for companies and individuals. National and international. Your difficulty is our challenge.
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Move Management

We make sure that household goods arrive safely at their destination. Rely on our experience as a specialist mover who has carried out thousands of removals all over the world. We guide transferees through every step of the move process; from storage solutions to destination and immigration services.

Destination services

Destination Services

Our ultimate goal is providing A Worldwide Welcome to our clients. Our destination services ensure that they feel at home and are provided with everything they need for a quick start at their destination.

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Relocation Insurance

Provide your transferees peace of mind during your relocation thanks to our tailored insurance solutions. We protect their personal belongings, so transferees can focus on the journey ahead.


Complex logistics and installation

A logistic masterpiece. We are your partner in complex logistics and installation. From intricate moves to precision installations, we deliver solutions that meet your unique needs.

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International Shipping

Our international shipping services offer a seamless and efficient solution for transporting household goods to every corner of the world. Whether you're an individual relocating or a large corporation managing a global move, we have the expertise and options to meet your needs.

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