Relocation support for international transferees

For the past years, Voerman and Eurohome Relocation have been assisting Edge with regards to their foreign employees coming to work for Edge in The Netherlands. Read more about how we support them with complete unburdening of administrative tasks with regards to hiring foreign employees.

Edge is a real estate development company and pioneer in future proof and sustainable buildings. More than 150 experts work daily on designing and developing buildings that are energy neutral or even – positive. To accomplish this, Edge consists of three different labels. The first one is Edge, which is for the actual development of the buildings. The second label is Edge Workspaces, which is for property management and for offering the workspaces within those buildings to a variety of commercial tenants. The last label is Edge Next, the IT sector that makes the buildings ‘smart’ with sensors. Think about air humidity, temperature, CO2-levels and light intensity that adapts to the buildings’ occupations or to the time of the day.

Specialists coming from all over the world

For the final label particularly, it is important to find suitable specialists and experts. Therefore, Edge Next is expanding their search field which resulted into foreign experts traveling to Amsterdam to fill the job position. In other European countries and notably also non-European countries, new professionals have been found that now work for Edge Next in The Netherlands.

Complex regulations and specialist knowledge with Eurohome

International work transfers generate, of course, a lot of work for the HR professional of Edge Next. As a result of the ever changing regulations and the fact that specialist knowledge is required, Nicolette Speerstra (Senior HR manager at Edge) decided to involve Eurohome Relocation services BV as a partner in these processes. For example, applying for the right visa and permits for the assignees and their families, registering at the IND and requesting for 30% Tax regulations in The Netherlands.

With Eurohome, we can rely on a global network with the right experts in the right market.

Nicolette Speerstra - Senior HR Manager at Edge

A total solution for Edge Next

Moving to a foreign country for work is a big deal. The collaboration between Eurohome and Edge makes it possible to give each expat the attention and support they need, this positively influences their work happiness and dedication. Eurohome has a wide experience in relocation services. Nicolette and Eurohome account manager Marta have regular contact about current and new employees. Eurohome unburdens Edge on these aspects and takes care of the administrative tasks in cooperation with the employees.

Our relocation professionals are in direct contact with the (future) employees of Edge Next. The lines are short, which makes this personal approach possible. Moreover, because of the total solution, Edge is ensured of a correct method for each employee. This way, HR of Edge can continue to focus on the more specialist aspect of HR.

Working in the UK post Brexit

Recently, Edge and Eurohome also worked on some cases regarding the United Kingdom. Not only are there 24 professionals working in The Netherlands, a team has also been set up in The United Kingdom, which made it necessary to relocate a Dutch employee. After Brexit, the regulations have become notably more complex than they were. “Eurohome has connections and partners worldwide. Marta made sure that we got in contact with a local organization with the right knowledge in the United Kingdom. This resulted into getting quick responses to our questions and having contact with the right experts”, Nicolette explains.

On behalf of Eurohome, we want to thank Nicolette and all the others at Edge Next for their trust and we look forward to continuing our collaboration, in which we trust to support many more employees of Edge Next with their relocations.

Are you curious about what Eurohome can mean to you or your organization? Get in touch with us to get acquainted!

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