Voerman embraces sustainability. Taking care of people, planet and local communities is integral to our vision. Already for years, we have been initiating various projects and the use of digital mover’s applications. Now, Voerman has taken on further responsibility for this sustainability ambition and has collaborated with ecolegIT – a life changing program – that fully focuses on the delivery of a sustainable relocation.

The program monitors, reports and keeps track of all international relocations and the CO2 emissions behavior per international relocation in one digital dashboard. This provides  great transparency of the ecological footprint of all parties involved in the global relocation industry, which is highly demanded by corporate clients. Voerman definitely recognizes this need, as Wiebe van Bockel, CCO of the Voerman Group states:

We take sustainability seriously and want to lead the industry on a more sustainable path. We have already made significant steps in reducing our carbon footprint and aim to make a tangible impact to offer a CO2 neutral relocation. With ecolegIT, we make the difference for our corporate clients, for the people we move as well as for our planet.

ecolegIT is the right step moving forward delivering a fully sustainable relocation. Curious about ecolegIT? Please visit the site for more information or check out this video: