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Voerman International has more than 35 years of experience in moving people to another country. We offer all the services needed for this purpose. Our services concern both the relocation itself and the establishment in a new country. We also offer innovative technology that makes the relocation process easier and more pleasant.



Moving abroad is a time consuming and emotional process. Good preparation and move management are key.

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Cultural and language training

When moving and working internationally, cultural differences are often underestimated.

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To help with all the small things that need to get done, we offer handyman services to take care of the difficult and time-consuming jobs that await you.

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We offer state of the art, climate-controlled facilities for secure short-term or long-term storage of your belongings.

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An important aspect of an international move is a reliable insurance policy that fully covers all possible risks.

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Departure service

Moving back home or moving on to a new place requires much paperwork and the tying up of loose ends.

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Immigration & visa assistance

An international relocation sometimes means finding your way in a bureaucratic labyrinth

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Home & school finding

With our expertise and knowledge of local and regional areas, we can help you find the right home.

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Rental furniture

We can help you arrange furniture rentals or find a furnished apartment where you can stay temporarily.

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Settling in

With our world-wide network, we can offer you many useful services which will get you off to the right start.

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Including your car or motorcycle in your shipment is worth consideration and can always be arranged.

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Moving with pets

Taking your pet on an international move often requires special planning. We’ll help organize their safe, legal transport.

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We believe that data is the future of our industry. We started working with these solutions and enjoy powerful control in the MoveDashboard.

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Online quotation form

The online quotation form is an application to do
a detailed, in-home survey and calculate your volume.

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The SurveyApp is a flexible self-survey solution with the possibility to do
your own survey.

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The ClaimApp is an effective software solution for use in
cases of household damages or losses.

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RedSky forms the basis of our move and relocation management. In a Virtual team all stakeholders are connected.

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Tenancy Management Application

What we have created is a “check-in and check-out” App which enables our consultants and clients to track the condition of the rental property in real time.

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Online quotation form domestic move

We offer the possibility to arrange your move completely online. Moving has never been easier. Within just a few minutes, in a very simple and fun way you can arrange your entire move online.

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Survey Pro

The Survey Pro helps you and our surveyors to report what you would like to take to your new destination in a digital and clear overview.

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Crew Pro

The survey report is converted into a digital packing list that helps the movers during a job.

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Video survey

During a video survey, you show in a video call what you would like to take with you to your new residence by using a tablet or mobile phone.

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Brexit support

As a custom specialist, we are happy to assist you with our expertise and facilities with shipments of removal goods from and to the UK.

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Basic Care Package

The ‘Basic Care’ package helps you to survive the first days upon arrival at your new destination.

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Utility services

We’ll help with all the tedious tasks related to your utilities. From getting everything set up in your name to managing payments, let us take care of this on your behalf.

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We move together

We are proud that our customers have been loyal to us for years. This is because we like to grow with our customers. We offer you a detailed explanation of the requests for quotations and explain how you can organise your supplier management efficiently. We share our knowledge to create a positive footprint in the countries where we are present.

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