Czech Republic to remove work permit requirement for nine non-EU countries

For residents of nine non-European countries, it will soon be easier to start working in the Czech Republic. The country's government has approved a regulation that allows citizens from Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, and Singapore to work without a work permit, an employee card, a blue card, or an internal employee transfer.

The initiative aims to streamline the hiring of highly skilled professionals and managers from overseas, aiming to lessen administrative hurdles for employers. By opening up the Czech labor market to individuals from these nations, the government aims to encourage international cooperation and talent exchange on a global level.

Benefits for employees and employers

At present, individuals from countries outside the EU and European Economic Area need permits or cards to work in the Czech Republic. Employers and investors have reported that the lengthy process complicates the hiring of experts. The employment amendment is expected to take effect in July.

In addition to this policy change, authorities in Czechia have recently launched a new portal called ‘Work in Czechia’ aimed at attracting foreign talent to bolster the skilled labor market. This initiative aligns with the European Institute for Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) Deep Tech Talent Initiative, which seeks to upskill one million individuals in deep tech fields by 2025.

“The website provides foreign talents with a comprehensive overview of life and employment in our country. They can find all the necessary information on it – from details on visas and immigration to tips on cultural activities”, says Jan Michal, the head of the CzechInvest agency.

Czech Republic work permit Voerman

Selected countries pose 'minimal risk'

The nine countries have been carefully chosen. “The selection of countries prioritized the recruitment and employment of highly skilled workers, and from a security standpoint, the chosen countries pose minimal risk,” the Ministry of Labor stated in the documents.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, there are 817,940 foreign workers in Czechia, with 9,989 from the nine selected countries, representing 1.2% of the total. Over 80% of these workers are in highly skilled positions.

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