CEO and management

To learn, make mistakes, grow and shape your own future, are all what we believe to be fundamental rights within our organization – with the end goal of always offering every client a joyful, smooth-running experience. As the board, we fully believe that when we add value for our customers, we have a successful future ahead of us.

For us, as a service delivery company, our people are our service. That means we need to be able to rely on each other. That is why we invest invest in our people and IT.


The Voerman Group board of management is represented by four members. Here you find the contact details of each.



Name: Robert Jan Voerman
LinkedIn Robert Jan Voerman
Telephone: +31 (0)70 301 13 01



Name: Chris de Jong
LinkedIn Chris de Jong
Telephone: +31(0)70 301 13 01



Name: Wiebe van Bockel
LinkedIn Wiebe van Bockel
Telephone: +31(0)70 301 13 01



Name: Michiel van Herk
LinkedIn Michiel van Herk

Telephone: +31(0)70 301 13 01



Name: Edwin van de Vliet †







With great sadness and disbelief we lost our dear colleague and friend Edwin van de Vliet.

Edwin joined the Voerman Group in 1996 and has held the position of COO since 2005. Throughout his long career at Voerman, he managed and grew the operational company into what it is today.

Thinking back with fond memories of Edwin, we will remember how committed he was, his sense of humor, his warm personality and overall being a family man. His loss leaves a tremendous void that we will give substance to in the spirit of him.

June 8, 2020