Environment policy

Voerman International aims to offer our services in an innovative, reliable environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

We believe that this focus on the environment provides a meaningful contribution to our community and planet. Our environmental policy applies to all activities and business processes within and outside Voerman International, and is based primarily on the prevention and reduction of all actions that have an adverse effect on the environment.

Our people are made aware that managing the environmental aspects within Voerman International is the responsibility of the entirety of our company.

Voerman International is committed to control the environmental impact we have so that we can accomplish the following:

  • optimizing and maintaining the EMS to the ISO-14001 standard
  • respecting environmental protections and regulations
  • undergoing regular assessment to enhance our environmental objectives and continually improve environmental performance

Environmental Management System

We are committed to the use of an environmental management system in accordance with generally accepted guidelines in the field of sustainable management.This includes:

  • Regular measurement of all kinds of emissions. (fuel, electricity and water)
  • Environmental objectives reviewed annually and adjusted as needed.
  • The purchase of vehicles which consider environmental criteria when deciding on product selection.
  • Communication about the environment for internal and external stakeholders. Environmental objectives are reviewed annually and adjusted. In this way the environmental management system (EMS) is kept current with the standards that are set.


To offer a CO2 neutral move of your furniture, Voerman calculated the CO2 footprint of an average move. This allows us to ensure that any CO2 emissions created are always compensated for adequately. Voerman selects the offset projects according to strict international standards. This makes it possible for you to trace the certificates to the source.

Do you want to know more about the possibility of getting a CO2-Neutral move? Please contact us!