Kept promises – Moving for Only Friends

Gepubliceerd op13 november 2020
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Voerman gave a charity dinner to its partners during FIDI 2019 April in Amsterdam at the Only Friends venue.
During that evening, we organized an auction to raise money for Only Friends. Sportclub Only Friends is a sports center for children with a disability. The sports center offers 25 kinds of sports, 7 days a week to 750 children.

One of the auction items bought by ORBIT Moving and Storage Ltd was a move with Robert Voerman, Wiebe van Bockel and Steve Lewis as crew leaders. They kept their promises (except for Steve who is in quarantine for 14 days in Kuala Lumpur). Today, Wiebe and Robert Jan helped our move crew during a job in Wassenaar. Well, Robert Jan felt more like bringing ice creams than carrying up move boxes on the stairs with this warm weather of 35 degrees. Someone has to do the hard work. 😉

In total, we raised, together with our fellow FIDI members, the amount of: €37,569,-.

Thanks Orbit Moving and all of you for your support to Only Friends.