Moving with pets

Moving your pet often means extra care and costs. Receiving adequate preparation and expert advice throughout the process can limit these costs and ensure that you feel confident and 100% comfortable about moving your beloved animals.

At Voerman, we understand that pets deserve extra special care and attention during the move.

When people are unfamiliar with the process of taking their pets with them internationally, it is important to find out about the costs, requirements, and restrictions in their origin country and destination country. For example, your pet may need specific vaccinations before it is allowed to enter the country you are moving to.

We can provide you with all of the necessary information, documentation and advice if you opt to take your pet with you personally or can help organize the entirety of your pet’s transport on your behalf, as well.

Trusted transport

Voerman International recognizes that the transport of pets requires specific expertise, which is why we do not transport the animals ourselves but work with specialized agents who know exactly how to do this. Because we work closely with our trusted agents, we are able to provide you with the guidance, documentation, and advice that you will need when taking your pet to another country.

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