With any shipment that goes on a long-distance journey by land, sea, or air there is always going to be a risk of the unforeseen happening. While Voerman International works to minimize this risk by using experienced moving teams and top-quality packaging, for your peace of mind it is highly recommended to take out a comprehensive insurance policy that will provide 100% security for the value of your possessions.

We are able to offer All-Risk insurance that fully covers all possible damages to your goods during a move and with customer service support that will take care of you throughout the process.

At the beginning stage of planning your move the subject of insurance will be discussed with your Move Advisor. You will be given information about which insurance is most suitable for you according to your specific move and will be given forms to fill in to document your goods.

Should there be any damage or loss that occurs you can count on immediate and comprehensive support from our team to help recover, repair, or replace your items in a timely fashion.

For more information on our insurance policy or support, please contact your move advisor or our main office.

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