JINC strives for a society in which your background does not determine your future. Therefore, JINC helps young people aged from 8 to 16 years that grow up in an environment of high unemployment and few role models, to get a good start on the labor market. The JINC program introduces them to all kinds of professions, they discover which work suits their talents and they learn how to apply for a job. Thanks to JINC, more than 65,000 primary school and pre-vocational secondary school pupils are given the opportunity to grow.

Since 2022, Voerman has been contributing financially to make the JINC projects possible and makes employees available as volunteers, in the role of trainer or coach. We get something valuable in return: the chance to make a difference in the lives of children and the opportunity to invest in our company. In this way, we strengthen our bond with society and offer participating employees an inspiring experience.

For more information about the JINC organization, please visit the site: https://www.jinc.nl/jinc-english/ or check out this video (in Dutch):