Voerman runs the Rotterdam Marathon – in the fight against child cancer

Published on 24 September 2021
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The time has finally come, after more than one and a half years, the Rotterdam Marathon – 2020 edition – will commence. On Sunday, October 24th 2021, 8 employees of the Voerman Group will be on the starting blocks ready for the (relay) business run. As a team of four runners, they will run the full distance of 42.195 kilometers.

The Marathon would have taken place on Sunday April 5th 2020. However, due to the Corona pandemic, it was postponed several times. Fortunately, the race is now back on!

Our runners are all participating for a good cause; to raise awareness for the Princess Máxima Centre – a center dedicated to helping children fight cancer.

The goal is to raise €5,000. By the time the race was originally planned (April 2020) €1250 was raised. As the marathon is coming up soon, we are racing to meet our goal.

Will you help us to reach this goal? Donate now via: geef.nl
Thank you in advance for your support!

About the Princess Máxima Centre

Every year, 600 children in the Netherlands are diagnosed with cancer. Still one in four children dies of this disease. Of course, this must change.

That is why ten years ago healthcare professionals took the initiative to bring together all care and research for children with cancer in one pediatric oncology center.

In June 2018, this initiative became a reality and the Princess Máxima Centre opened its doors in Utrecht.

The ambition of the Princess Máxima Centre is to cure every child with cancer and to give them the best possible quality of life, despite this illness.

Watch the video about the Princess Máxima Centre here – very impressive.