Voerman introduces environmentally friendly crates

Published on 12 July 2011

Voerman has again taken a new and important step, which undoubtedly will be followed by many colleagues in the international removal industry.

With immediate effect, the use of wooden packing materials will be banned and Voerman will switch entirely to the use of cardboard boxes and crates. This measure applies to the default lift vans and chests, as well as the tailor made crates, which are generally used for smaller fragile items.  In cooperation with its permanent supplier, Voerman has taken an important initiative, of course inspired by the recently obtained environmental certification ISO 14002.

The initiative offers many advantages:

  1. The cardboard crates are significantly lighter in weight and therefore easier manageable. Especially at destinations, where the logistic facilities are scarce, this means a great advantage.
  2. The decrease of the weight is of great importance for a far-reaching CO2 reduction.
  3. The specially developed cardboard meets the FSC label, which stands for a global responsible forest management.
  4. With the implementation of the cardboard crates, the mandatory fumigation also becomes history, since this is not applicable for this type of material.

The reactions to this new initiative so far are extremely positive and mean an extra incentive to continue with our initiative to explore alternative packaging methods. Via our (renewed) website we will keep you informed about the developments in this part of our service.