Project “A Safety Conscious Company” started successfully

Published on 3 October 2012

With two Master classes on the 6th and 13th of September, the project “A Safety Conscious Company” of Gezond Transport started successfully. In a good and relaxed atmosphere the directors of nine companies in the transport and logistics sector came together on both days to be inspired about safety awareness. 

Despite all the efforts in the field of safety in the Netherlands, each year approximately 219,000 people fall victim to an accident with injuries and the following absenteeism at work. The European Commission emphasizes on the importance of reducing accidents at work and has set a decrease of 25% as goal (for Europe).

To achieve this purpose at national level the Ministry of Social Affairs prepared an action plan. One of the conclusions from the research is that there is no need for more rules, regulations and sanctions, but that the behavior of everyone in the industry can be safer. There is a need for culture change in the working conditions and working safe to achieve this goal.

Gezond Transport has been asked for the transport and logistics sector as a partner to support companies in making this change with the help of the project ‘A Safety Conscious Company’. The objective of this project is to raise more awareness towards working safer, resulting in less accidents and lasting.

The Master classes were the starting point of this project. At the Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht there were in total 22 participants that discussed, with the guidance of an experienced management consultant, the theme ‘Safety Awareness’ to get started.

“Voerman International is working daily on improving the safety, both for the customer and the employee. We do this with trainings, the strict regulations, and safety inspections, says Edwin van de Vliet, Director of Operations Voerman International.”

After these master classes and completing the business scan Security in every company’s internal business, workshops are the next phase of the project.