Measuring Customer Happiness

Published on 24 June 2015

Measuring Customer Happiness

We have come from an era of being the expert and offering expert information. This was what clients wanted and needed. However, we are now transforming our approach and evolving into an organization that puts the customer relationship at the center of our operations. We are focusing on how our customers feel and how they want to feel in all the different steps of the journey. To do this we are opening ourselves to co-partnerships, giving our clients a say in the choices we make when offering them what they need. A first manifestation of this is a new quality feedback system which we will launch in the near future. We will measure customer happiness with ‘smileys’, because ultimately our goal is a happy smiling customer.

We are only just getting started

In 2016, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Voerman International’s foundation. We are very pleased that so many customers have chosen to use our services over the years. We have grown into a group of brands, each offering different specialist skills and delivering different customer experiences. Every day we strive to deliver excellent service to our clients. Because we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better than before, we have kicked off a project with external consultants to find areas for improvement. We have organized meetings to assess what we value the most in our organization. Additionally, we have interviewed more than 30 clients and asked them what they value the most about our company and our services.

Help others, be great

Though added value and service remain the most important factors for every relocation, we have discovered that values like performance and innovation are less associated with our organization. Reliability, flexibility and personal attention are of great value to both our customers and our organization. We still have a strong internal focus on developing new services and new ways to help people feel at home around the globe. By listening to, and working intensely with our clients we have learned that we need to communicate what we develop and why, much better. We strongly believe we can do so much more for people moving and relocating worldwide. It is our objective to continue to be a frontrunner in the industry and continue to help each other to be great.

Robert Jan Voerman, CEO