Innovating for the future

Published on 10 August 2015

When we talk to our clients and prospective clients, we see a big trend ahead of us. We call this market disruption. Over the past decades, we have relocated our clients in much of the same way and we think that’s about to change drastically in the years to come.

We expect that the trend will be that assignees will start arranging their own relocation around the globe. We will see similar trends in the logistics industry. You can see this trend as the same as booking a car, hotel or airline ticket. Meanwhile, assignees want the service they require where they need it and when they want it.

Technology is becoming more sophisticated, and all of the required services can be found online in a fully transparent way. Our clients all want more services for less cost and in a much more transparent way.

What does this mean for us?

Voerman group needs to be driving quality continuously and at the same time operate very efficiently. Quality and efficiency go hand in hand. When our processes and IT are the best in the industry, and we have the best trained people, we will be very successful.

This is our key driver on which we will focus and we need all of us to embrace this goal. We expect that the speed of change will be different in the countries and businesses we operate, but at the end of day, it will all happen.

What do we do and where can I help?

We have invested a lot in both our “back-office” IT – RedSky – as well as in “front office” IT – Move4U. We will accelerate these programs in the next 5 years. Platforms are being tested, mobility apps rolled out and new ways of service delivery are being discovered. We would like you to actively use tools such as the survey app, PricePoint system, claim app Skype for business.

You all can help by sharing ideas about innovative ways to do your work, to address the processes we do which are not efficient and can be done differently. We encourage you to all step forward and help us to increase our quality of service, cultivate happier clients and make our company very successful in the years to come.