First six months of the year

Published on 3 August 2012
Voerman group

Looking back to the first six months of this year we are, despite of the poor economic situation around us, satisfied. The first months in our industry is always the lesser period of the year, because most activities take place in the second half of the year.

The total global volume of international household goods which is sent in the first half compared to 2011 decreased by 2%. That is still reasonable compared with the national market, which in some regions has decreased by 25%.

Beside moving personal goods, we expanded our market area with other logistic projects achieved with our operating ULSI. In Amsterdam we organize the refurbishment of a hotel, elsewhere in the country the design of fashion shops of a well-known American brand. This requires not only accuracy in the organization, but especially the preparation of delivery of the goods and materials from container to interior design.

With the London Olympics still in full speed, we are already involved in the logistics operation for the Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

During the summer our business, and also the international moving industry in general, is the busiest time of year. This is not surprising, expats choose this time to change location, so the children are better able to adapt to a new school and the people themselves can use the holiday to adjust to their new location. For our companies that is usual as every year, but still a challenge to provide the quality and service at a high level expected by our customers. We succeed in this fortunately good, because we can prepare the work plans and have enough staff to absorb the peak, both at the office and in the field.