DSP takes care of all removal issues

Published on 18 June 2013

We are about to move abroad and our expatriating company is offering of the assistance of a DSP. What is a DSP and what can we expect from them?

DSP stands for Destination Services Provider. This is a company which offers support to expats in all sorts of matters which might arise when moving to a new country. They also help with thing that need taking care of in the departing country – think of the termination of a lease internet, transferring ownership of a house, or closing contracts regarding electricity, water or internet. The DSP works closely with the removal company to make sure that everything happens on time and that all documents are in order.

The specific services they provide depend on the agreements made with the expatriating company or organization. The services that most DSP’s offer are:

  • Pre-visit programmes: employers often offer expats the chance to go and see the new country, before the decision is made to sign a contract. A relocation consultant shows them around and provides specifically tailored information.
  • Temporary housing if the expat does not yet have a permanent residence.
  • Permanent housing: the DSP explores housing options, together with the expat. Needless to say, the DSP has already examined the market to find suitable properties.
  • “Settling in” assistance: a wide range of services, such as help with opening a bank account, registering with local authorities and taxation offices, applying up for a telephone, Internet and TV connections, and finding a doctor or dentist.
  • Finding a suitable school for the children: pre-visiting the schools and providing assistance with registration.
  • Visa and immigration assistance: a DSP can take care of registration in the new country, although it should be noted that not every DSP provides this service, since it requires specific knowledge.
  • Tenancy management: the DSP can handle the negotiation of lease contracts and rent payments.