Development of international schooling and housing in Amsterdam

Published on 10 July 2018

The municipality of Amsterdam acquired part of the ING head office in the Southeast area of Amsterdam for the establishment of a new international school.

The school, AICS South East, will be located in this building, named ‘Zandkasteel’, located on the Bijlmerplein. The monumental building of Albert & Van Huut is, at this moment, ING’s head office. Next year, the bank will move to a new head office on the Bijlmerdreef in Amsterdam South East.

In the coming years, Amsterdam expects more pupils for international education. There is now a waiting list for children living in the city who would like to attend an international school. With this purchase, the municipality of Amsterdam hopes to meet the growing demand.

In addition to the school, there will also be 340 apartments built in “Zandkasteel”. Construction will start once ING has fully completed its move to its new head office.

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