A Year of Choices

Published on 13 March 2017

2017 had not even started and we knew this would be an interesting year, to say the least. During the next two years, we expect to see the first major changes in the global mobility industry & logistics industry, with a disruption of the traditional ways the moving and relocation domains had previously functioned.

Technological innovation and digitalization are taking over all industries, but traditional conventions are still trying to fight the inevitable. In a worldwide perspective, this is happening both in business as in politics. For mobility, this is also true on a global and domestic scale.

Old conventions & organizations will book some last successes by blurred and protectionist measurements, but are bound to lose the fight in the long run. Change is coming and transparancy is the present and for sure the future. This already happened in similar service industries like the airline & hotel industry years ago. Isolated networks and intermediaries will also be outdated and disappear in our industry if they don’t change and improve the added value of their services.

Change is coming and transparancy is the present and for sure the future.

If we want to stay committed to our strategy which we launched six years ago, we need to make choices and stay focused. We believe that by making choices today, we will be able to make wise and independent decisions in the not so distant future.

As we stand on the threshold, it becomes clearer every day how our future will take form. We can break the key drivers down into three focus areas: our vision, innovation & digitalization of our services and cooperation with various stakeholders.

1. Our Vision

Our actions and services will always need to add value. We will invest in the future of technology, the future of our people and that of our network. Financial stability drives our future. We have key focus on developing our services and client base in the EMEA region. As traditional relocation will be integrated in the global transportation industry, we are eager to learn, adjust to and benefit from the first and last mile of delivery.

Being customer focused gives us the opportunity to work with our clients lifelong as we offer them the benefit and diversity of our scope of services.

2. Innovation & Digitalization of our services

Technological advances and the digitalization of business are two great things: they give us time. Time, which we can spend on our customers’ needs and wishes. The first corporate clients will be served entirely with a self-service model for DSP and moving services this year. MovePro (our new additional software in the cloud) will create a new playing field for our clients as a fully transparent internal auditing and external pricing tool due to connectivity and cloud applications.

Corporate baggage programs will service new corporate expats for low shipment volumes, but high frequency volume. In 2017, we will launch a corporate baggage program and the first customers are already signing on.

3. Cooperation with various stakeholders

Only real networks based on cooperative goals and those with real focus on added & created value will survive. We make choices for the long term as we want to invest & share in networks. In any business, your network is everything. This is why we are going to focus on new groupage programs for intra-European transport and export shipments from Europe to overseas power lanes.

We aim to collaborate with all moving companies to consolidate volumes in the hub locations. The way corporates buy and organize freight will change significantly and we want to lead this with our partners. Our target is to be a genuine partner and creator of cooperative models to serve our clients’ needs. We expect the traditional freight forwarder will be arranged by online applications.