A Move in the Right Direction

Published on 28 June 2022

Global Mobility is a beautiful thing. Moving talent across the world opens opportunities for both business and personal development. The recent global pandemic aside, the world has become more accessible than ever. Traveling, moving and residing in distant places have increasingly become a commodity for many organizations and their workers.

But despite all the efforts in the world, physically moving people and goods across the globe leaves its footprint on our environment. That is why Voerman International is proud to have partnered with the sustainable moving program ecolegIT.

The Global Mobility industry has long been dominated by one key decision-making factor: price. With quality of service being the traditional ‘second best’ influence. For the past few years however, we have seen an increasing awareness in an area that traditionally did not get too much attention: sustainability.


At Voerman, we have been working on reducing our own footprint for a long time now – for example by investing in digital technology to replace our traditional paperwork. Equally, many of our accounts have significantly invested in their own corporate sustainability policies and are looking for ways to apply these policies within their Global Mobility processes. The first question that arises is how to measure the impact of Global Mobility. More specifically, what is the ecological impact of an individual move? This question is immediately followed by another one: if we know the impact, how can we immediately reduce it without impossibly high investments of money and time?

The answer to both questions can be encapsulated in one word: ecolegIT. This specially designed program is a sustainability initiative that has recently been developed. It aims to empower both Global Mobility departments and their supply chain to neutralize the footprint of their shipments through carbon offsetting. Courtesy of the unique algorithm, ecolegIT allows Global Mobility departments to easily calculate and immediately offset the emissions of the clients’ shipments with the ease of a few clicks.

ecolegIT adds even more value through the partnership with the renowned Parsifal Corporation – the moving industry’s biggest auditing company. They provide a guarantee that the process is transparent and reliable.

At Voerman, we have been working on reducing our own footprint for a long time now

When ecolegIT was launched last June, Voerman International, as a quality-focused organization immediately joined the program – as did many of our close relations and clients. Being able to offer a carbon-neutral shipment of household goods to our clients is important for us moving forward to a sustainable future. We are proud to say we have made this move in the right direction.

Will you join us on this road to a more sustainable industry?

Read more about ecolegIT on www.ecolegit.com