2015 Global Mobility Report Russia

Published on 29 June 2015

Eurohome Relocation Services has published its ‘2015 Global Mobility Report – Russia’ following the success of its 2014 inaugural report. The information and statistics in the report were gathered from a large number of local Russian and multi-national companies with a corporate presence in Russia.

This year’s report is of particular interest to the wider corporate community who still sees Russia as a potential market but may be hesitant to invest there due to the current economic and geopolitical climate.

For many, despite Russia’s attractive market-size that would otherwise be difficult to ignore, the decision may boil down to whether to enter the market and incur additional training and talent management, or whether to withdraw human capital and redeploy to other locations.

The Eurohome 2015 Global Mobility Report is an insight to what stakeholders with vested interests in Russia are thinking and doing regarding policy, cost controls and return on investment.

A special thanks is owed to the scores of companies who contributed to the data as well as to Eurohome’s professional team of specialists who compiled the report.


To obtain a copy / download of this report please go to:

Eurohome Global Mobility Report Russia 2015