2014 – Right here, Right now

Published on 27 January 2014

The optimism is slowly coming back in the economies around the world and this will also have an impact on the Voerman Group.

As people start talking less on recession, downturn, cut backs or crisis, this will encourage foreign investment, domestic home sale and companies going back on the entrepreneurial path. This is all happening in a time we can look at as transition.

Key words when we do business today are compliance, transparency, cost reductions and quality improvement. The big drivers are IT and the shift from a corporate dominated market place to a consumer dominated market place. In all the industries we operate we can see this happening. Whether it is relocation support, immigration support, household goods moving, storage, logistics or insurance, all kinds of initiatives are out there online to gap the bridge between consumer and market solutions. The mobility industry in total has been too small in size for the larger IT companies to enter this niece market, but we see a lot of initiatives popping up the last months.

Focal point in 2014 will be our clients and our future clients. We will enlarge our ambitions to exceed client expectations in every job we do. This is not easy in the service industry, but we raise the bar. The theme for this year is: Right here, Right now. We appeal on a call to action that we as a company ( and indirect the whole industry ) have to make to be successful in the next decade as well. We also plan to get our clients more actively involved in the way we can add more services, give more information, change the delivery model or help us with their feedback.

We look forward to a very interesting year where we as a Group have some great projects ahead. The Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Worldcup Fieldhockey right next door to our HQ in The Hague, The Netherlands and the launch of several new online initiatives. We also want to make a next big step with our brands Transpack, Eurohome, ULSI and Relo Insurance. The market is changing rapidly and we will adjust to customer needs. Right here, Right now.

Wiebe van Bockel