HR Policy

Figures show that for the last several years the percentage of Voerman International employee work days lost due to sick leave is less than 3%. In our Prague and Moscow offices the amount of days lost due to sick leave is even lower.  The results in each location prove to be lower in comparison with the national average.

In order to keep our employees feeling happy and physically fit we have made it a point of emphasis to maintain a work environment that promotes good health. Below are some of the key measures we’ve undertaken to ensure the health of our employees:

  • Throughout the whole year free fruit is provided to the employees in the office
  • Twice a week it is possible to get a chair or foot reflex massage from a professional massage therapist
  • Desk bikes are available so that employees can cycle while working
  • Every Monday there is a possibility to train in a physical fitness “Bootcamp” led by an external personal trainer
  • We provide each employee a free annual health check. Based on their results we can arrange a consultant to create a custom health plan for the upcoming year.
  • We offer an adjustable desk so that people have the option to stand while working
  • There is a lift in each office, however our employees are kindly encouraged to get exercise by using the stairs
  • There is a diverse network of specialists that employees can use both individually and in groups to promote physical and/or mental fitness, for example a nutrition consultant or an osteopath.

At Voerman, we put great value into the wellbeing of our employees and make it a top priority to keep each and every person feeling good and healthy. It is a policy that ultimately benefits our people, our company, and our clients.


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CHRO Voerman Group