Voerman International answers

Voerman International moves worldwide, mainly for multinational corporations and government organizations. Through an innovative approach during the past 25 years Voerman International learned to be one of the leading moving companies in the world. More businesses should discover Servant-Leadership!

What have we done?

Sustainable employability is framed within Servant-Leadership at Voerman International. Listening, empathy, caring for the people around you, enable your employees to grow, promote a sense of community: these are just a few qualities of a servant leader. Also, a pleasant working atmosphere at Voerman International ensures to the low absenteeism. Since the middle of last year, once a month a group of ten people put together to talk about communication, motivation and commitment. During these sessions the personal situation of the employees is also covered. This has the direct consequence that the relationships between colleagues improve. Also on the physical plane Voerman International offers a helping hand. In collaboration with Zilveren Kruis Achmea, an Dutch insurer, last year, all employees received a health check. A number of employees received a warning on the basis of this health check or tips on how they can improve their health.

What has been achieved?

Because employees know each other better, they dare each other faster servant_leadershipincreased. The employee satisfaction survey carried out recently shows that employees are very satisfied. And the health checks have a visible positive effect on the business of Voerman International. This all without that management imposes itself and employees feel uncomfortable, Voerman International has found a way to keep the company continuously healthy.

An Insider tip?

Make sustainable employability part of Servant-Leadership. More businesses should discover Servant-Leadership!