The Voerman Group & the International Butlers: true Servant Leaders

The International Butler Academy in Valkenburg is a unique, exclusive and professional Butling and house management school.

They have the finest butler service training and are the best recruitment institute in the world. Their services consist of staff training, staff recruitment as well as their specialized consulting services.

Sandra Goudswaard was given the opportunity to familiarize the Butlers with the concept of The Voerman Group in the form of a presentation. After a brainstorm session with Danny van der Meer and Roger Walsh, she composed a tailor-made Powerpoint, specially designed for the needs & requirements of the typical function of a Butler. The International Butler Academy students were on the brink of graduation. These students will be responsible for the households of world’s wealthiest families, international businesses, as well as five-star hotels, resorts and cruise lines.

This is a big responsibility, and to offer these ‘Butlers to be’ our support we can be a single point of contact for any mobility enquiries that they will experience in their profession. We offer to assist them through 1 single point of contact instead of having too many suppliers at their doorsteps. We can support Butlers worldwide with the services of Voerman, Eurohome, ULSI, or Relo insurance with a complete program offered for any type of removal.

Sandra Goudswaard confidently proceeded with explaining that by co-sourcing instead of outsourcing we come to the best solutions together.

The International Butler Academy was very pleased with The Voerman Group proposal that was presented. We are now officially invited three times a year to give a presentation to new students attending the academy, plus we are acknowledged to be one of their Guest Speakers on their website.