Shortage school spaces for expats in Brazil

Are you moving to Brazil with schoolgoing kids? If so, it’s wise to start looking for a school as early as possible.

The increasing number of foreign nationals in Brazil (specially in the Sao Paulo area) has lead to a shortage of school spaces for families, especially for young children.

Public schools are most of the time not regarded by the local families; when possible, they prefer their children to attend private schools. Meaning that these students compete with the children of families who relocate to the same area. International education can be found in private, independent and international schools – or national schools with American/British curriculum. Be aware that most popular private schools have waiting lists for all grades, and please carefully investigate the tuition fees, as they can be really high.

The final choice of schooling can also influence the family housing situation. The proximity of the school to the private property is an important concern to avoid long commuting time. Traffic can be bad.