Tenancy Management Application

Throughout most of the relocation industry, the process of tenancy management is still done manually, which inspired us to create a more efficient tool for our clients.

What we have created is a “check-in and check-out” App which enables our consultants and clients to track the condition of the rental property in real time. This goes for both check in, continued stay as well as during check out.

  • The condition of the apartment at check-in is filed by taking photos of the apartment, have the owner/landlord agree to the condition and then send the info off to our database that can be accessed by the corporate client and expat.
  • The app also gives automatic notifications on when the lease can be renewed or terminate.

The new App gave a 40 minutes win overall in labor and created better transparency and control for expats, corporate clients, and landlords. The entirely renewed process avoids a lot of discussion about payments and saves the corporate client a lot of money at the end of the day.

This is a great example of how we can use innovative technology to make processes more efficient for our clients and consultants, as well as save on costs and create reports transparently in real time!

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