RedSky is our global IT platform which enables virtual teams and any local member providing origin and destination services to connect and share data in synchronised removal files. Business rules are embedded in the software as agreed. This functionality guarantees a seamless flow of information and communication.

RedSky operators can ‘link’ their files dynamically when they have a role in a relocation. Linked files have private and public data areas. Public data elements are dynamically synchronised so that double key entry is eliminated. Because it is a web-based system, non‐RedSky operators, involved in a move, will receive a secure password to RedSky. This enables them access to only edit and/or read the relevant move files in which they have a role. Access is strictly controlled to ensure the security of personal data and information.

RedSky forms the basis of our move and relocation management. In a Virtual team all stakeholders are connected.

  • Developed by leading industry experts that understand the needs of the global mobility manager and their teams.
  • A revolutionary system that leverages technology to improve efficiency, productivity and connectivity.
  • Connects all parties involved in relocation into a single system providing seamless and controlled access to real‐time information.
  • Secure, web-based application accessed from any internet‐enabled location with browser‐enabled devices including smart phones and tablet‐based PCs.


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