Immigration & visa assistance

Going through the immigration process often means finding yourself inside a complex bureaucratic labyrinth in a language you don’t fully understand.

We can provide immigration assistance to guide you through this otherwise stressful part of your relocation. We will ensure that everything related to your immigration documentation is achieved in an organized manner and in the time, you require it to be completed.

Our consultants assist transferees with a wide variety of documents and applications pertaining to visas, work-permits, and local registration. Our specialists can provide consultation and work with the transferee directly or in conjunction with a corporate HR representative to ensure that you’re ahead of the immigration and visa process.

Service includes:

  • Advice on your destination country’s immigration requirements
  • Assembly of documentation, preparation and submittal of application
  • Regular updates on status of the application
  • Local registration upon arrival
  • Importing and registering your pets
  • Notification when visa and/or work permit is issued
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