Sanne Redeker on IBC membership. Establishing contacts is important for new business

Sanne Redeker visits many networking events to connect with new leads. As a woman in the ‘moving world’ she is a striking appearance. But because she lived 10 years as an expat abroad, she knows better than anyone what her profession is.

“Voerman is a company with a heart. The atmosphere within the company is very good, “says account manager Sanne Redeker. Voerman is a company dealing with relocation, particularly internationally but also nationally. They also offer temporary storage to some of the properties that do not have to be moved. Sanne has lived in several countries including Sweden, Ghana and Russia, and knows how important it is that your entire belongings move right from transfer to their destination. “It is essential that you feel good when a moving company is moving all your stuff. You are careful with that and sanne_redeker_over_het_leggen_van_contacten_en_nieuw_businessyou want the right partner for the moving. ”


The move is a competitive world. Redeker has her eyes and ears wide open and to the opportunities in the market today. Therefore, networking is very important to her. International companies are opportunities for Voerman. The main reason they are members of IBC Almere WTC area. Redeker: “We differ mainly by not saying how good we are but by listening very well to our customers.” That listening part is very important, and is also reflected in their services. Everything is thought of, and with international removals, that is a lot. We offer in house Insurance, which is positively practical. If something goes wrong, they can immediately resolve this. Anything is possible for the client at the place of destination. Consider re-location, finding a cleaning company, schools for children, babysitter, and everything else you want. “It must be really crazy if we have to say ‘no’. I’ve seen in recent years with Voerman that we have a great empathy. Some people have personal experiences living and working in another country. That means that we can well empathize with the situation of the customer. “In addition to offices in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia, the company has also just opened an office in Angola.


Besides the experience of the employees Sanne Redeker is also very excited about the mode of governance to her employer. “Our work is based on servant leadership. That means you are provided with all the tools possible to properly develop. The perfect situation is created to work at the office or at home. Everyone will feel good and that creates a good atmosphere.