“A Servant Leadership philosophy”

Robert Jan Voerman , CEO Voerman Group

When my father founded Voerman International in 1986, he envisioned that customer value should become an integral part of the Voerman philosophy. He has always been a leader who focused on the professional development of others, motivating employees and dedicating himself to his customers.

A Servant-Leadership style that we have maintained throughout the 30 years of our professional existence and will continue to uphold in the future.

When I became CEO in 2013, we decided to increase our focus on the international corporate market and we now have successful branches in Moscow, Prague and The Hague. Today, the Voerman Group has grown to become a group of companies who, all in their own way, deliver benefits to the international relocation business and other mobility needs.

Collaboration with entrepreneurs, client-orientation and service, as well as the sharing of success, remain important pillars for Voerman International, as we continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our customer satisfaction rates are growing steadily and agents are granting us with highest review scores, which, inevitably motivates our employees, adding to our own, internal work satisfaction.

Over the course of more than three decades, we have made the difference through innovation, quality, integrity and friendship. I can proudly call our organization a global network of companies, staying true to our values and being strong throughout generations.

In the years to come the moving industry and global mobility at large will change rapidly. New technological applications and cloud solutions will change the way we organize our move. Corporate programs and policies move away from possession and towards experience based relocations. Following the trend we see in the past few years people will move and store less volume, but demand higher service and an even more personal approach. We get up every day to make people feel at home around the world and invite you to be part of our journey.

Robert Jan Voerman