“Every client requires an individual and personal approach”

Erik Schaareman , Manager Internal Sales Department

How long have you worked at Voerman?

I started working at Voerman on February 20, 1995.

How did you start at Voerman?

I saw an advertisement in the Transport magazine that Voerman was looking for a coordinator for storage files. I was curious about working for a moving company because I had no idea what they actually did. After the interview, I was offered a different job namely to coordinate move files. Later on, I changed jobs internally and went to the commercial department.

What makes your job fun and appealing?

My educational background is in commerce, so for me it is most fun when I have contact with clients, and when thinking about commercial activities. As every request is different, every client requires an individual and personal approach.

What challenges do you face?

Finding the balance to suit the needs of the client and representing the company’s interests. Prices, colleagues, and working with partners must all be in alignment. Also, convincing clients that Voerman is the best partner to work with. I gladly continue to fight competitors to persuade clients to choose Voerman. That moment when the client says yes, and agrees to engage our services gives me a kick!

How does the company differentiate itself?

Price, quality, partners and level of partners. We make the difference with our contact and communication with the client, our experienced surveyors, and our tailor-made proposals. We may not always be the cheapest, but we offer an honest and fair proposal intended to meet all of the client’s requirements. With our experience, we also relieve the client of worries and tasks by taking care of most of the details relating to the move.

How do you help the younger generation in your department with Servant Leadership?

I try to teach them that they should be authentic and stay in balance. Learn from each other and build their ability and knowledge to share the Voerman story and the Voerman ‘feeling’, so that the client genuinely feels this as well. It is challenging to do this well, so we focus on this already during the training period.

How do people describe Erik?

I hope that people see me as an amicable person who tries to stay physically fit with sports and healthy living patterns. Not a complainer but someone who will confront others if necessary.

What is most prominent about Voerman?

Despite the fact that we have grown, we still strive to accomplish things with everyone on board. We are a big family, providing the best product and the best service to our clients. With the addition of young new faces with a fresh outlook, we are ready for the future!