“If you love what you do, it never feels like work”

Ed van Bodegraven , Senior Account Manager

Ed is a man who has truly been around the block. Globalisation has been an invention of his generation and because of it he has seen much of the world. Ed has actually retired twice but there are still no signs of stopping. He just loves what he does too much and as long as people ask him to help out, he will be ready.

With age comes experience, and as time goes by the world changes. Here is the story of Ed, about his first steps into the relocation business, and the changes he sees ahead of us in the business.


“To briefly describe the story of my life in the moving industry is not easy.

Especially since it has been (and still is) an ongoing experience, with many highlights and an enormous amount of satisfaction. It is an experience that I don’t want to ever come to an end, since it is addictive, rewarding and still full of challenges.

I have never seen my job as work but as a lifestyle and a gift that made it possible for me to meet many people from many countries and visit all corners of the world. It gave me the opportunity to make friends from different cultures, friends that in many cases share the same passion to serve people and make sure they positively experience the high expectations we’ve set at The Voerman Group.

With close to 50 very active years of experience in the International Mobility world, I have seen many changes in responsibilities, systems, structures and services. Many of these changes were seen as threats by regional and local service providers. Only a few of them managed to truly benefit from the opportunities that these changes created. Outsiders, such as financial and accounting companies, took control and became direct and influential partners for many major corporate accounts. The international moving industry, especially in the USA, was taken over by International Mobility service providers, who knew how to professionally fill the gap that the movers had left open for them.

In spite of all the new systems and structures, which are essential to be successful in a rapidly changing world, one important element never changed and should never be underestimated: the emotional side of People Mobility. Throughout the years this has always played a vital role in our industry. More than any other type of business, the Relocation business is focused on people. This requires a high level of emotional intelligence from the players in it and that is where the difference is made. Whether it is the client, the HR or Comp & Ben responsible, the account manager, the relocation coordinator, the relocation consultant or the mover, they all must have a sufficient amount of emotional intelligence to function properly.

Emotions play an important role in decision making, in keeping a solid relationship with accounts and clients and in providing a reliable Mobility Service. Next to this, it is also important to have qualified, well trained and intelligent staff that know the world, know the product and — something that is very important– feels comfortable doing the job.

I truly feel that the above has formed the basis for success of the Voerman Group. Ever since its start, management has focused on its Human Capital and invested a lot of time and energy into the well-being of its people. Training, personal attention and opportunities for personal growth were and still are key elements that have contributed to the growth of the organization. In combination with their innovative approach of the market, the people of Voerman have managed to take a leading role in the world of international relocation and have become an example for many of our international colleagues.

The above may explain why I still am actively, but most of all, emotionally involved with this company and its people.”

– Ed van Bodegraven