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Voerman works with dedicated and experienced employees. What motivates them to work for Voerman? Read their stories here.


“I really feel at home at Voerman”.

I really feel at home at Voerman. I don’t think I would have taken part in a Fitness Boot Camp on my first day at any other company.

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“You can be yourself at Voerman”

“You can be yourself at Voerman, as it is a direct and open environment. It is a midsize company and a flat organization which makes it easy to communicate with board members.”

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“I’d like to gather some colleagues to join me for a ride to work.”

Throughout the Netherlands, whether it be in big cities, small villages, along country roads, or down busy streets, you can count on the almost constant sight of people riding bicycles.

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“Every client requires an individual and personal approach”

I try to teach younger generations that they should be authentic and stay in balance. Learn from each other and build their ability and knowledge to share the Voerman story and ‘feeling’ with the client.

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“I really like it when people come to me with new ideas”

Voerman is the last company where I will work, and I am not going to leave until I decide to stop working altogether. As long as Voerman continues to want me to stay on, I am not going anywhere!

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“Don’t be afraid to be amazing!”

When I started working in the Mobility Industry 23 years ago, I didn’t have a clue off all aspects that were related to relocating abroad. I can tell you now that it’s a true journey and never a final destination.

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“If you love what you do, it never feels like work”

Ed has been around the block. Globalisation has been an invention of his generation and he has seen the world. Ed actually retired twice but there are still no signs of stopping. He just loves what he does.

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“That moment when you let yourself be dismissed”

Moving is letting go. Closing the door in the morning and coming back to a wrapped house in the evening. It’s not something everyone can do. This is a story about the art of moving and letting go.

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“A Servant Leadership philosophy”

Over the course of more than three decades, we have made the difference through innovation, quality, integrity and friendship. I can proudly say our organization stayed true to its values and being strong throughout generations.

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