Princess Máxima Center

Voerman Ran the Rotterdam Marathon and Raised €3271,- in Fight Against Child Cancer

We are very proud of our eight employees who ran the Rotterdam Marathon business run (relay race), October 24th, and raised €3,271.- for the Princess Máxima Centre. They are extremely happy with Voerman’s contribution to their mission. The Princess Máxima Centre is dedicated to helping children fight cancer and provide them with the best possible quality of life.

Every year, in the Netherlands, 600 children are diagnosed with cancer. One out of four children still die from this disease. Of course, this has to change.

That is why, ten years ago, care professionals took the initiative to bring together all care and research for children with cancer in one pediatric oncology center. In June 2018, this initiative became reality and the Princess Máxima Center opened its doors in Utrecht.

The ambition of the Princess Máxima Center is to cure every child with cancer and to give them, despite this disease, the best possible quality of life.

We are touched by the way in which the Princess Maxima Center realizes this and are therefore eager to make our contribution.

Please watch this inspirational video (in Dutch) about the Princess Máxima Center.