The Voerman Foundation has one main goal:

Creating meaningful and sustainable communities in the countries we have a presence in.

We do that by taking care of our people, planet and direct surroundings. We support social projects and charities, were we donate our time and attention to contribute in a positive way. We are also very conscious about our resources, like the cars we drive and the packing material we use.

We have chosen kids as a central theme for the coming period. Children are the future and hold the key to prosperity on the long term. We raise money and donate time to fund projects and improve the lives of children.

Please join us in our cause.
We want to create a clear scope on all projects we undertake for creating a sustainable future. Below you find an overview of some of the projects we have undertaken.



Hockey Dreams Foundation

Hockey Dreams Foundation is a Dutch charity which helps put together hockey leagues and provides training and equipment to communities in over 10 African nations.

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In Russia, Voerman actively supports “DownSideUp” – a charity foundation that provides professional assistance to children with Down syndrome.

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Foodbank The Netherlands

People with very low incomes are weekly provided with food for their families by the Food Bank.

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Sympany is the largest independent supplier of second-hand clothing in the Netherlands.

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Only Friends

Only Friends Amsterdam is a sports club developed for children with physical or mental disabilities or chronic illness.

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