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The Voerman Group consists of various companies that each serve a different target group. View all brands here.


Voerman International

Voerman International primarily serves multinational corporate accounts and governmental organizations around the world.

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Eurohome Relocation Services

Relocation isn’t just a question of finding a house, especially for international expatriates. It’s about creating an enjoyable life in a brand-new culture for themselves and their families.

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Relo Insurance

A moving experience can be greatly influenced because of the effect of a possible claim and the way it is resolved. The foundation of Relo Insurance was to be more in control of the total experience for a customer.

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Africa Mobility Services

Africa Mobility Services is an expert single source service provider for all your moving, relocation and logistics needs in Africa.

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Amidst the chaos of big logistic projects, ULSI forms a very experienced point of contact for all parties involved while they keep a clear outline for the customer.

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Transpack Moving Services

Founded in 1974, Transpack Moving Services has grown from a forwarding company into a full service company for international removal services.

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Deverhuiswinkel.com offers an extensive range of moving materials.

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