Voerman receives the recognition Circle of Excellence for the year 2020 by Aires

Gepubliceerd op4 februari 2021
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Obtaining a score of 92,2%, we proudly announce that Aires awards us with the Circle of Excellence. This demonstrates a high level of client satisfaction and service delivery in 2020. We are proud to partner with Aires for over 35 years together to service clients. We value Aires as a family owned business with strong focus on innovation and people.

Thank you Aires for your absolute great appreciation to us as your service provider. Our dedicated team is ready for 2021 and looks forward to continue servicing your clients together.

Every year, Aires rates its preferred partners on the delivered services, based on a five-point scale survey.
88% (4.4/5) is the quality minimum for Aires preferred partners.
With a score over the 90% the Circle of Excellence is awarded.
5 (100%) – Excellent
4 (80%) – Better than Expected
3 (60%) – Satisfied
2 (40%) – Less than Expected
1 (20%) – Unacceptable