(The) Floow transforms and optimizes business processes

Gepubliceerd op16 december 2019
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The work ‘Floow’ management system is a new technical advancement that transforms paper work flows to a digitized format that can be easily adapted during the administration process. The Voerman Group strategically uses Floow to customize client solutions and welcomed Floow over a year ago into its suite of technology solutions.

… digitizes paperwork
… facilitates sales and asset management
… improves efficiency
… and helps us to serve you better

Voerman uses the Floow platform in the following ways:
1. Floow smart forms realizes digitalization of paper flows which means no handwriting anymore. These paper flows are synchronized which enables adjustment and extraction of information. All of this results in a clear overview of all the information related to client’s assignment, transparency of these activities, accessible reports, and of course, less administrative work. With this, we can focus more on the client and serve the client even better.

2. Asset management – The Voerman Group uses Floow for tenancy management service. For this service, Voerman takes care of the tenancy / property of international assignees and all related activities, such as ongoing rental payments, fluctuating utility bills, day-to-day repairs, and keeping track of lease extension dates.

Floow has an updated list of the properties and the related activities and insights, such as payments and contracts. This makes it easy for the coordinators to complete these duties and keep the client easily up to date about the status of the property and all related activities.

3. CRM system for the sales related activities. Floow offers many new options for organizing sales related activities and enables a clear overview and transparency. It also leads to efficient cooperation within account management.

If you have any questions about Floow, or if you are interested in using Floow for your business, please contact Wiebe van Bockel.